Miss Mary Award

The Miss Mary Award is granted annually in recognition of outstanding service over the school year. It is named after Miss Mary Dwinell upon her retiring from LWTG in June of 2004.  This is an annual service award is granted to recognize an individual who has served LWTG over the school year.

An engraved name plate with the recipient’s name will be displayed on a plaque to commemorate their service and the plaque is hung at the LWTG site. Anyone volunteering (as employees, Teachers are not eligible for the award) in any capacity at LWTG who goes beyond the "call of duty" may be a candidate for this Service Award.

2021 Miss Mary Award Recipient

Tara Anderson has been a part of LWTG for three years. She attended class with her daughter and then when she aged out of the program, attended with her son and began volunteering to serve on the Board of Directors. Tara started as Librarian during a global pandemic and has worked incredibly hard to create a way to get families access to the toddler group children's library as well as the library resources for parents.

This is what Tara's peers have to say:

​"Librarian Tara Anderson has worked incredibly hard to make our current library work for the parents and students of LWTG. Her innovative ideas for library grab bags, request forms, and feedback surveys have been a game changer for a lot of families. Her hard work logging our ENTIRE BOOK LIBRARY by category, author, subject, etc was so appreciated and has proven to be a very successful way to share our resources with the school, even when we cannot meet in person."

"Tara Anderson - Her creative solution of library book grab bags was genius! She saw an opportunity to create value for our school and families and ran with it. She created a system that was easy to use, flawless to implement and easy to support. Her willingness to pitch in a help where needed, be art cart pick ups, the walk/read-a-thon event, was so appreciated. Tara was a breath of fresh air that was much needed during a tough year."

LWTG Miss Mary Award.jpg

"Tara has been an incredible librarian! When we realized we would not be returning the classroom, Tara found a way for our families to access our library throughout the school year. The database she set up will be something we can continue to utilize, and the Children's Grab Bags were amazing, and families loved the exposure to new books. Thank you too for reorganizing our library - the new bins and sorting system make finding specific titles much easier.  Thank you so much Tara!"