Miss Mary Award

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2020 Miss Mary Award Recipient

Marissa Fiztpatrick has been a part of LWTG for XX years. She attended class with her kid details before volunteering to serve on the Board of Directors. Marissa filled the role of Purchaser for the 2018-2019 school year and kept the school well stocked and ready for anything. In 2019 she took on the role of President and provided leadership and strength as the school navigated the early stages of COVID-19 and the transition of the school to an online platform. Here is why her peers believed Marissa was deserving of the 2020 Miss Mary Award.

"Marissa has done an amazing job as our president this year. She has a calming presence and has remained organized and thoughtful throughout the school year and especially through the challenge of having to close school. She has great organizational skills and we are so appreciative of all she has done for LWTG this year."


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