FAQs: COVID-19 Response




What happens if LWTG makes a change to classes after my family enrolls and the class no longer fits my family’s needs, schedule, or comfort level?

If LWTG changes the format of a class (to include time, length of class, frequency of meeting), families who no longer wish to remain in the class will be given the opportunity to move to another class format (if there is available space) or un-enroll from the class and receive a full reimbursement of the registration fee.

How is LWTG keeping our families healthy?

LWTG is a co-op and safety is the responsibility of all the adults who participate in our program. Furthermore, to keep our school environment healthy, we will be doing the following:

·     If anyone in your household is sick, STAY HOME. Please view our Illness and Communicable Disease policy here

·     All families meeting in-person will have temperatures taken and a health screening questionnaire completed. This information will be recorded by the teacher and kept on file for record keeping.

·     Everyone will wash or sanitize hands upon arrival to class and frequently during class. 

·     Families will be encouraged and reminded to social distance during in-person classes.

·     Masks are required for the entirety of in-person classes for adults and children 5 years and older. Children between the ages of 2-4 are encouraged to wear a mask. Children under the age of 2 years are not recommended to wear a mask by the King the County Department of Public Health.

·     Shared supplies (markers, bug nets, etc.) will be reduced as much as possible.  All supplies will be sanitized between classes following strict sanitizing protocol determined by the Department of Health. 

·     No snack time in classes that meet in-person at this point.

FAQs: Classes, Registration and Enrollment

How do I know which class to register for?

Classes are open to babies and toddlers between 6 – 39 months* old and their parents and/or caregivers. Your child must fit into the specified age range as of August 31, 2021. You will stay in the class the entire school year and the toddlers will all grow together.

*Please see our current class schedule page for updated age ranges in effect for Fall Quarter 2021. 

Do I stay with my child during class?

As a parent cooperative program, a parent or caregiver, is required to attend class with their child. Our classes allow you to spend time with your child in a playful learning environment. During class parents are provided the opportunity to gather for parenting education, which offers the opportunity to problem solve parenting concerns with other parents and a highly qualified early childhood educator, as well as learn about a variety of parenting and child development topics.

What is the Pre-Preschool Class?

The Pre-Preschool class is designed for children ages 2.5-5 years old as of August 31, 2021. This age range and class size is beneficial as the children progress to cooperative play. Each week, a child does show and tell which allows them the opportunity to bring a favorite item from home and begin to feel comfortable speaking in front of a group.

There are science activities including making pudding, sink and float, dinosaur fossils, and making butter. An extended circle time allows for counting, color, and movement games.

Parents attend with their child each week which allows you to continue to observe your child’s development among his or her peers. This class is a great stepping stone to preschool and you may consider this class even if your child will attend a drop-off preschool.

All of the classes I'm Interested in are full, what should I do?

Please contact the Registrar and ask to be added to the wait list. We allow each family to be on up to three wait lists if you are not currently enrolled. If you are enrolled in one of our classes, we ask that you limit yourself to one wait list.

Can I register for only one quarter? Do I have to wait until the next quarter begins to start attending classes?

LWTG’s school year is from September to May. Our school year is divided into quarters due to our affiliation with LWTech, which operates on a quarterly schedule. We welcome new families throughout the school year and new families can start attending classes immediately. While we understand that plans change, we recommend that families enroll with the intention of staying throughout the school year. A consistent and committed class builds the best community.

Can my younger child attend class with my older child?

Yes! We have many classes with sibling spots. These spaces are limited and increase your tuition costs. Please see our Class Schedule and Tuition Rates page for class availability. Make sure to let us know you’re taking a sibling spot when you register.

What about my newborn?

Newborns may attend class with the enrolled parent and toddler until the age of 9 months at no additional charge. The parent may then request a sibling spot for the newborn for the next quarter. Due to safety concerns and insurance requirements, infants must be worn in a front baby carrier or back carrier. Please speak with your classroom teacher for additional information.

I'm pregnant, but won't have the baby until after class starts. Do I need to register for a sibling spot?

Yes, please register for a sibling spot as soon as possible. Spaces are limited, so there’s a chance there might not be room in your class for your newborn after class has started. You won’t need to pay the sibling tuition until the child is 9 months old.

Can my child’s caregiver attend class with them (instead of me)?

Yes! If a caregiver (nanny, aunt/uncle, or grandparent) will be attending class with a toddler, the legal guardian is required to enroll with LWTech as well as the caregiver. Because the legal guardian and caregiver will be working as a team to care for the child, both are required to enroll to receive the greatest benefits from our parenting program. Parents/caregivers may only bring children that are enrolled in LWTG.

What if my child misses the age cutoff by a few days or weeks?

You will still need to register for the class they fit into as of August 31. There are always other children in the same situation, so you won’t feel singled out.

My child is exceptionally gifted/bright. Can they be in the older class?

Our age ranges are strict, so please register for a class that your child fits into as of August 31, 2021.

Are there fee waivers available?

We do have a limited number of need-based partial tuition fee waivers available every quarter. Please visit our Tuition Assistance page for more information.

I'm interested in visiting a class before registration. How do I schedule a visit?

At this time we are unable to hold open houses. We do have a virtual tour of class available for viewing by visiting Our Program page. If a site visit is necessary, please contact the Registrar for more information about a parent-only visit. Due to our insurance coverage, unregistered children cannot be present during class time.

Who can I contact for more help?

Please contact the Registrar with your questions.

What is the monthly evening/afternoon activity?

Once a month, LWTG will be offering an optional activity for the whole family. Families will gather via Zoom for a dance party, yoga session, themed story time or other fun activity. These Zoom gatherings will take place either in the evening or afternoon. The schedule for these activities will be available at the start of the quarter. 

When will the Parenting Education meetings take place?

Parenting Education meetings will take place via Zoom in the evenings or in person. This hopefully allows parents to take full advantage of the Parenting Education session. Parenting Education sessions are led by your teacher and may include families from all the classes that a particular teacher has this quarter. The schedule for Parenting Education sessions will be available at the start of the quarter. 

What are school-wide speaker events?

Once a month LWTG arranges for a speaker or panel of knowledgeable individuals to provide valuable information related to your infant or toddler's world. These events are open to everyone enrolled at LWTG, not just your immediate class. These events are an integral part of the LWTech program. One parent from each family is required to attend a minimum of three events per quarter. These events will be held via Zoom or in-person.



Is the art curriculum required?

Nope! These activities are completely optional. We do encourage you to browse the art curriculum (view a sample art curriculum here), as the activities are very fun and you never know what you will find! 

Are Fee Waivers (tuition assistance) available for online classes?

Yes! Fee Waivers and Scholarships are still available for ALL classes; Outdoor, and Indoor. If your family would benefit from tuition assistance, please visit our Tuition Assistance page for more information or contact our registrar. If your situation changes, you can request tuition assistance at any time during the school year. 

How can I help support LWTG?

There are many ways you can support and contribute to the success of our program during these uncertain times. You may chose to enroll additional parents or caregivers from within your household and participate as a family. Donations to our program are always appreciated. You can visit our Fundraising & Support page for more information about donations, including Amazon Smile, Fred Meyer Rewards, and employee matching. Finally you may chose to donate your time by volunteering to prepare art supplies or assembling art cart kids. Please contact your Teacher to discuss volunteer opportunities.


FAQs: LWTEch and Co-Op Information

What are my cooperative responsibilities in the classroom?

As a cooperative program, parents share in a rotation of class support tasks, such as cleaning and re-setting the classroom to prepare for the next class, attending to any personal needs of your child during class, observing the children as they participate in class, participating in class discussions and attending evening sessions, and participating in quarterly room cleaning and fundraising projects.


Still have questions? More information can be found in the Parent Handbook.


Why do I have to register with LWTech? What are the requirements for earning credit?

Co-Op preschools with a parenting education program are typically sponsored by their local community college. The classroom teachers are hired and paid a salary by the college. In our program, you would become a student of Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech). Each quarter you earn Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory grade and 2 credits, for a total of 6 credits at the end of the school year. You earn your grade by participating in parenting education during your LWTG class time and by attending evening events. We offer many different evening event options during the school year, several include toddlers and siblings. The enrolled adult does not have to be the one attending the evening events, a family representative may attend and the enrolled adult will still have their attendance requirement satisfied.


Many families are excited to earn these credits as they can be used for continuing education credits for a job. Plus, as a student with LWTech, you also become a “college student” and are eligible for discounts in our community. Click for more information about this here.


What are the parenting education events? How many do I have to attend? Can I bring my kids?

The parenting education evening events provide valuable information related to your infant or toddler’s world. They are integral part of the LWTECH program and one parent from each family is required to attend. Parents must attend a minimum of three events per quarter. For the benefit of the speakers and other families attending, please leave your children at home with another parent, guardian, or sitter, unless otherwise noted.


Still have a question we didn't answer?

Please do not hesitate to contact our registrar. We want to be sure each family has the necessary information they need to feel confident and comfortable about their decision to attend a class at LWTG.