LWTG is excited to offer a way to play, learn, and explore in the comfort of your own home via Zoom. 

Open to the Whole Family

Our online only class is open to the whole family. Older children and caregivers are welcome to join and play along with us. 

The Online Only Class Includes:

  • Weekly online Circle Time

    • Includes 30-40 minutes of songs, stories, felt board and activities​

    • Includes 15 minutes of small group interactions with Teacher on a rotating schedule

  • Weekly online Parenting Education (or monthly school-wide speaker)

  • Monthly online evening/afternoon activity (story time, yoga, dance party, etc.)

  • Monthly art cart pickups with corresponding art curriculum (view a sample art curriculum here)

  • One Art Supply Kit, which includes useful supplies for creating masterpieces at home (scissors, glue stick, paint brush, etc.)

  • Maximum class size of 15 adults plus their children

Modifications for Different Phases

If King County moves to a different phase prior to the start of the next quarter, class models may be modified and further information will be provided. 


If you have questions about what is an art cart pickups, what a school wide speaker is, or what LWTG is doing to keep our families healthy, check out our FAQ Page