PayPal Instructions - Desktop Computer

Lake Washington Toddler Group is a non-profit organization. To keep costs down, please help us eliminate fees from PayPal by using these steps:

1. Login to PayPal account on website

  • You must associate your bank checking or savings account with your PayPal account to avoid paying PayPal fees.

  • It might take up to 48 hours to finalize this process.

  • Please do not use a credit card to pay as this will create fees for both you and for the Toddler Group.

2. Click the "Send Money" icon

3. Enter amount owed

  • You are welcome to pay for multiple quarters of tuition.

  • Annual Enrollment Fee: $120. $25.00 per additional caregiver

  • Quarterly Tuition: $170 - Single Child. (Add $50 - per sibling for Hybrid Outdoor Class)

  • Quarterly Tuition: $220 - Twins

4. Change default payment method

  • Change from “Paying for an item or service” to Sending to a friend” in order to avoid fees.

5. Add Detail for Child, Class Day & Time

  • In the note section, please type in the name of the child who is registered as the student, your class day and time, and if you are paying for multiple quarters of tuition.

  • Click Continue.​

6. Confirm Account and Amount

  • The fee for the transaction should be $0.00. If this is not what you see, please verify that you are using a checking or savings account with your bank directly (not a debit or credit card) to make the transaction.

  • Once everything looks correct, click “Send Payments Now” at the bottom.

  • You will get a confirmation on the website as well as one from PayPal directly to your linked email address. If you have trouble with this, please email the treasurer directly at

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