LWTG has moved!  We have found a fabulous new home for LWTG less than 1 mile away, and we started classes there in January 2022.

How can I help?

We are asking our wonderful community to make donations via our PayPal Giving Fund. Moving, designing, and furnishing a new space is expensive, and your donations will help make our new home toddler-safe and welcoming for our LWTG teachers and families.  

Employer Matching Programs

Many employers offer employee donation matching programs. Your company may match your financial donation, time donation, or both.


LWTG is a 501(c)(3) non-profit group and our EIN is 91-1254252 therefore your donation is tax-deductible. If you need assistance with documentation of a donation made to our program, please contact our treasurer.

MATCH: Every donation collected in November WILL BE MATCHED dollar-for-dollar by a LWTG family (up to $4k).

Donations Matched!

by a LWTG family

Double your impact by donating today!

How will the donations be used?

Some of our projects and estimated costs are:

  • $12,000 - cabinetry

  • $6,000 - carpet

  • $2,000 - moving company

  • $2,100 - bathroom remodel


Other items on our list:

  • Noise dampening decor

  • Cubbies for families

  • Ladder to overhead storage space

  • Library furniture

  • Updated furnishings, toys, and design

  • Exterior signage

  • Toddler-proofing including a large safety gate across the back door area, window latches, outlet covers

  • Securing all cabinets and shelves

If you have questions or prefer to donate via check, please contact fundraiser@lwtg.net.

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