Parenting Education: End Co-sleeping Workshop

TOPIC: End Co-sleeping Workshop
Speaker: Rebecca Michi
Date & Time: Thursday, 30th April 2015 (7:00pm – 8:30pm)
Location: LWTG Classroom

Speaker Rebecca Michi will hold a general discussion relating to ending co-sleeping. Rebecca will provide guidance on the most gentle way to help a child move from bed sharing to more independent sleep.

Sleep enables us to function properly and live happy and healthy lives. I truly believe that sleep deprivation is tortuous and can impact your happiness, relationships, and performances“.

Speaker Rebecca Michi
Speaker Rebecca Michi

Rebecca Michi is a Children’s Sleep Consultant who has been working with families for over 20 years. She is a gentle sleep consultant who doesn’t believe in leaving your child to cry-it-out when teaching them to fall asleep more independently. She is passionate about helping children and their parents build healthy habits so they can finally get some sleep By transforming drama into dreamland, her mission is to help your children — and you — get a good night’s sleep. For more information about Rebecca and her work, please visit her website.

Image and bio courtesy of Rebecca Michi, her Website and Facebook page.