Parenting Education: Childproof Parenting – Building Your Parenting Toolbox

TOPIC: CHILDPROOF PARENTING: Building Your Parenting Toolbox
Speaker: Melissa Benaroya MSW, LICSW
Date & Time: Thursday, 5th November 2015 (7:00pm – 8:30pm)
Location: LWTech College West Auditorium (W404)

Do you want to be more confident in your parenting?

Speaker Melissa Benaroya will hold a talk entitled CHILDPROOF PARENTING: Building Your Parenting Toolbox where she will share parenting strategies that result in children who want to be in partnership with their parents. Melissa blends Positive Discipline, Love & Logic with Gottman principles to help take the power struggles out of our day-to-day interactions with our children. She will share specific discipline strategies that foster respectful, loving family relationships while teaching self- discipline.

Speaker Melissa Benaroya
Speaker Melissa Benaroya

Melissa Benaroya MSW, LICSW, Certified Gottman Educator is a licensed clinical social worker with 16 years of experience working with children and families. Melissa has a Masters degree in Social Work, is a Credentialed School Counselor and is trained in Positive Discipline. She is also a Certified Gottman Educator offering the Bringing Baby Home Program for families with young children and workshops on Emotion Coaching. Melissa practices as a parenting consultant, coach and speaker to groups and individuals by blending her clinical training with her knowledge of child development and discipline. In 2011 she co-authored the book The Childproof Parent. She is the co-founder of Grow Parenting and Mommy Matters Seattle.

More information about Melissa and her work can be found by visiting Grow Parenting.

Image and bio courtesy of Melissa Benaroya’s Website.