Parenting Education: “Healthy Perspectives”


(“Safety Shouldn’t Be Scary” and “Birds + Bees + Kids”)

Speaker: Kim Estes & Amy Lang
Date & Time: Tuesday, 2nd February 2016 (7:00pm – 8:30pm)
Location: LWIT College West Auditorium (W404)

Safety Shouldn’t Be Scary

  • What safety tools work (and which ones don’t) with younger kids?
  • Teaching your child about body safety
  • What kids need to know at each age and stage (No more Stranger Danger!)
  • Questions every parent should be asking

We all want to keep our kids safe… join us and learn how to use our easy tips and tools that make safety fun not scary. No graphic conversations. No scare tactics. See lecture flyer here.

Quote from Kim’s website:In 2006 she created a workshop on child safety and began working with parents, helping them gain the confidence they needed to start talking safety with their children. Through non fearful techniques and easy to apply parenting strategies adults gain the skills needed to make safety a regular part of their conversation”.

Kim Estes
Speaker Kim Estes

Kim Estes is the founder of Savvy Parents Safe Kids. She has been working with parents for over 17 years, educating them on various parenting topics. Kim is a certified prevention educator through the National Security Alliance, the Kid Safe Network, a Darkness 2 Light facilitator, a MERIT trainer with the State of WA and a member of the APSAC. As a recognized Child Safety Expert, she has appeared on local and national TV and Radio shows, helping to raise awareness on the importance of prevention education. For more information about Kim and her work, visit her website Savvy Parents Safe Kids.

Image and bio courtesy of Savvy Parents Safe Kids.

Birds + Bees + Kids

  • Simple Tips Even Smart Parents Need to Take the STING Out of the Birds + Bees Talks…
  • What your kids need to know about sexuality at each age and stage…
  • A plan to make sure your children are well informed before it’s too late…
  • Which topics that are “too much information” at each age…

Preschoolers have lots of questions and curiosities about bodies, babies, and families. Learn how to have easy, effective and age appropriate conversations with your kids about the birds and the bees. See lecture flyer here.

Quote from Amy’s website:  “If you are looking for a proven professional who can show you how to have fearless and effective talks about sexuality; what kids need to know at each age and stage; and how to become a trusted resource so your children see you as their first and best source of information, I’m your gal! I use humor and a healthy dose of well researched advice to help you wholeheartedly jump into the sex talks“.

Speaker Amy Lang
Speaker Amy Lang

Since 2005, award-winning parenting expert, speaker and author Amy Lang, MA has been helping parents of all beliefs turn conversations they dread into a regular (and fun) part of their family lives.  Amy is a Seattle-based sex educator and author who has been featured in Seattle Magazine, Seattle’s Child, Wall St Journal and is a regular guest on NW Cable News’ “Northwest Parenting” segment and other radio / TV programs. For more information about Amy and her work, visit her website Birds + Bees + Kids.

Image and bio courtesy of Birds + Bees + Kids.