Julie Hagel Scholarship & Commemoration

A new scholarship is available to LWTG families. The Julie Hagel Scholarship honors the memory of Julie Hagel, mother, parent, friend and classmate.

Julie participated in LWTG with her daughters Laura and Megan. Throughout her time at LWTG, Julie set an exemplary example for all of us. She was patient, kind and giving to all her classmates, big and small. Whether you were a close friend, or someone who interacted with Julie once a week at Toddler Group, she was never too busy to listen and share in your joys, sorrows, struggles and triumphs.

Her family and friends wish for this scholarship to allow more parents, especially those with special health needs, to enjoy their time with their kids at LWTG.

julie family tulips

Julie’s Story

To find out more about Julie, how to apply for or donate to the Scholarship, or educate yourself about ALS, please visit our Julie Hagel Scholarship webpage.


Julie meant so much to her family, friends and LWTG classmates. We encourage everyone to share their fond memories of Julie below, so that Kyle, Laura and Megan can read how important Julie was to so many people and what a difference she made in their lives.

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