Miss Mary Award 2016

2016 Winner

Michelle McPherson – LWTG Treasurer Chair (2015 – 2016)

“Michelle stepped into the role of Treasurer on the Board of Directors this year when the previously nominated Treasurer had to leave the LWTG program abruptly. Due to taking the role unexpectedly, just before the start of the school year, she missed the Treasurer training course. Despite training and scheduling obstacles, Michelle worked tirelessly to learn and carry out the responsibilities of Treasurer. She uncovered many important financial considerations and brought them to the attention of the Board. The amount of volunteer hours Michelle dedicated to the program this year is astonishing. Her input into Board decisions is consistently logical and methodical. She has graciously volunteered to help with many efforts throughout the year, not all related to her work as Treasurer.”

“Michelle has worked tirelessly to improve the internal financial workings of LWTG as well as maintain the role of Treasurer on a day to day basis. Her hard work and willingness to add value to projects throughout the year has been appreciated.”

“Michelle volunteered to take on the role of Treasurer when someone else left the spot open. She has sacrificed many hours to helping with tuition, registration, and regular monthly book keeping to keep our school afloat. I appreciate her dedication this year and in previous years on the board.”

“Michelle stepped into our treasurer’s position after a last minute vacancy and has done a tremendous job of keeping us on track financially this year. She is well researched in the policies and procedures and has helped us to develop new practices that will help us in the future. Thank you Michelle for all the time and dedication you give to LWTG!”

“Michelle is a parent volunteer who chose to take on the Treasurer position on our Board of Directors, which is a laborious and demanding position. She has spent countless hours learning a position that is new to her and executing it well.”

2016 Nominees (alphabetical order)

Alison Mestl – LWTG Librarian Chair (2015 – 2016)

“Alison stepped into our Librarian role late in the summer and we really appreciate all she has done. She has facilitated our Scholastic Books, kept our inventory up to date and is continually thinking about ways to improve our library and its check out system. She has been an asset to our board of directors – always thinking critically about concerns and challenges before voicing her thoughts. Thank You Alison!”

Anne Young – LWTG Parent

“Anne was very quick to volunteer to take pictures of all the updates to our site that were made over the summer and made sure these pictures were available for our brochure and website. In addition, she is a true voice for LWTG and the important work we do here. She has written about her experiences in her blog and shared with countless parents. Anne will also be a part of our Board of Directors next year and I know will be a huge asset to our program.”

Courtney Kroymann – LWTG VP / Publicity Chair (2015 – 2016)

“Courtney has done great work this year spreading the word about LWTG in many different ways online and keeping currently enrolled parents informed of events on Facebook. Thank you for all your hard work!”

Hélène Cagney – LWTG Webmaster Chair (2012 – 2016)

“Hélène has spent many hours working on the website, dealing with attempted hacks, reviewing website analytics, writing for the blog and working on special projects like creating online file storage. She has evolved a simple website into something much more current and usable.”

Jeff Yee – LWTG Parent

“Jeff continually gives of his time and expertise. He built our beautiful new easel, spent countless hours helping us over the summer and is full of great ideas! He is a true asset to our program!”

Meghann McDonald – LWTG President (2015 – 2016)

“Meghann has been a great President this year. Her leadership, encouragement and willingness to assist in making positive changes at LWTG are evident and greatly appreciated.”

“Meghann has been a wonderful addition to our board for the past several years. She has a calm presence when faced with challenges, always has a listening ear to lend to parents, board members and teachers, and in general is an asset to our program.”