Classes – FAQ

How do I know which class to register for?

Classes are open to babies and toddlers between 6 – 48 months old and their parents. Your child must fit into the specified age range as of August 31 of the school year you want to register. For example, if you want to register for Fall 2018 and your child will be 10 months as of August 31st, 2018, you will choose the 6 – 14 months class or the family class. You will stay in the class the entire school year and the toddlers will all grow together.

What is the Family class?

Our family class is open to those attending with 1 or 2 children 12 – 48 months old. Children over 36 months as of August 31st will need to be enrolled with a younger sibling that meets the class age range.

What is the Pre-Preschool class?

The Pre-Preschool class is designed for children ages 29-39 months as of August 31st. The smaller age range and class size is beneficial as the children progress to cooperative play. Each week, a child does show and tell which allows them the opportunity to bring a favorite item from home and begin to feel comfortable speaking in front of a group.
There are science activities including making pudding, sink and float, dinosaur fossils, and making butter. An extended circle time allows for counting, color, and movement games.

Parents attend with their child each week which allows you to continue to observe your child’s development among his or her peers. This class is a great stepping stone to preschool and you may consider this class even if your child will attend a drop-off preschool.

All of the classes I’m interested in are full, what should I do?

Please contact the Registrar and ask to be added to the wait list. We allow each family to be on up to three wait lists if you are not currently enrolled. If you are enrolled in one of our classes, we ask that you limit yourself to one wait list.

Can my younger child attend class with my older child?

Yes! We have many classes with sibling spots. These spaces are limited and increase your tuition costs. Please see our Schedule pages for class availability. Make sure to let us know you’re taking a sibling spot when you register.

What about my newborn?

Newborns may attend class with the enrolled parent and toddler during the quarter in which the child was born without an additional charge. The parent may then request a sibling spot for the newborn for the next quarter. Due to safety concerns and insurance requirements, infants must be in a front pack or back pack. Please speak with your classroom teacher for additional information.

I’m pregnant, but won’t have the baby until after class starts. Do I need to register for a sibling spot?

Yes, please register for a sibling spot as soon as possible. Spaces are limited, so there’s a chance there might not be room in your class for your newborn after class has started. You won’t need to pay the sibling tuition until the quarter after your child is born.

What if my child misses the age cutoff by a few days or weeks?

You will still need to register for the class they fit into as of August 31. There are always other children in the same situation, so you won’t feel singled out.

My child is exceptionally gifted/bright. Can they be in the older class?

Our age ranges are strict, so please register for a class that your child fits into as of August 31st of the school year you wish to register your child.

Are there fee waivers available?

We do have a limited number of need-based partial tuition fee waivers available every quarter. Please fill out the Fee Waiver Form  to apply.

I’m interested in visiting a class before registration. How do I schedule a visit?

We also frequently have open houses that both parents and children are welcome to attend. Please view the calendar of events or our Facebook page to learn about upcoming open houses. If there isn’t a scheduled open house, please contact the Registrar for more information about a parent-only visit. Due to our insurance coverage, unregistered children cannot be present during class time.

Who can I contact for more help?

Please contact the Registrar with your questions.