Welcome to Lake Washington Toddler Group!

Our co-op program offers parents and toddlers a semi-structured classroom environment to experience social and creative activities together.


New Student Registration is open for the 2014-2015 School Year! Please visit our 2014-2015 Registration Section, 2014 – 2015 Class Schedule, 2014 – 2015 Tuition & Fees, and 2014-2015 LWTG Brochure for more information. All LWTG & LWIT Forms can be downloaded at our 2014-2015 Enrollment & Registration Section on the Forms & Additional Resources page.

We are delighted to announce that for the 2nd year in a row, LWTG is one of Red Tricycle’s 2013 Top 10 Finalists in theMost Awesome – Best Parent Education Programs” category for the Greater Seattle Area!!! A HUGE Thank You to our cheerful, devoted and brilliant Teachers; to our zealous and hard-working President & Board; and of course to you, our enthusiastic parents and children who make Lake Washington Toddler Group the amazing parent education cooperative program that it is. Yeah!!!

Unsure about committing to a full year of toddler group when your baby is only 5-12 months?

New Pre-Toddler Class Structure! September 10th – November 19th 2014 (1:15pm – 3.15pm) Read more…

Upcoming Events

Various Dates in June, July & August 2014

Summer Park Dates

With our school year finishing up in this week and Summer fast approaching, we didn’t want the fun to end for our babies and toddlers! Mark your calendars – LWTG is having bi-weekly Summer Park Dates!

So we are inviting all New, Current and Alumni LWTG families to meet old friends and make new friends on Wednesday mornings throughout the Summer months. Our teachers will be at the park rain or shine!

Visit our blog post Event: LWTG Summer Park Dates for more information and updates throughout the Summer months.

Monthly Summer Art & Craft Playdate & Class Previews

In addition to our bi-weekly Summer Park Dates, we will be holding a monthly Art & Craft Playdate & Class Previews which is open to the entire Community!

Check out our Blog and Calendar of Events for more information about the date, time and theme of each month’s preview.

Fall 2014 Classes Orientation Dates (Location: LWTG Classroom)

Date Time Teacher Class Orientation
August 18th 6:00PM Teacher Kari Monday 9:30
August 18th 7:30PM Teacher Kari Monday 11:30
August 19th 6:00PM Teacher Jessica Friday 9:30
August 19th 7:30PM Teacher Jessica Friday 11:30
August 25th 6:00PM Teacher Kym Monday 3:00
August 25th 7:30PM Teacher Kym Monday 5:30
August 26th 6:00PM Teacher Kris Tuesday 9:30
August 26th 7:30PM Teacher Kris Tuesday 11:30
August 27th 6:00PM Teacher Amy Wednesday 9:15
August 27th 7:30PM Teacher Amy Wednesday 11:15
August 28th 6:00PM Teacher Kris Thursday 9:15
August 28th 7:30PM Teacher Kris Thursday 11:15
September 9th 7:00PM Teacher Amy Wednesday 1:15
September 30th 6:00PM TBA For All Parents Who Have Not Attended 2014/2015 Orientation Meeting

If you have not received an email directly from your teacher regarding the exact date and time of your Orientation, please contact the LWTG Registrar.